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Elegant Solutions.


Process systems and industrial controls are at the heart of manufacturing. Whether it is mass-producing chocolate chips or processing the latest vaccines, these systems solve problems across every industry. Finding the right system and the right controls can propel your company to new production heights.

Efficient and Robust

Taking every process at its face value and building the right systems and using optimized controls, Therma creates one-of-a-kind solutions. Our problem-solving staff can provide design assistance and production assistance, all the way up to full turn-key project execution. From the first idea, through testing and commissioning of the systems and controls that meet your needs, we can ensure quality and reliability like no other manufacturer. Our commitment is to provide flawless equipment that helps your company to run smoother, and for years to come.

Process Systems


From design assistance to full turn-key project execution, Therma provides utility equipment with standard or custom-packaged process systems. By taking care of all steps in the process from concept to completion, we have complete quality control over the systems we design and manufacture, from weldments to piping fabrication, to instrumentation and wiring. This helps us ensure you are getting the best available system for your project.


Industrial Controls


Our in-house fabrication abilities let us provide you with specialized automation and electrical engineering services for your custom equipment modules. Combining systems integration and mechanical engineering to ensure the security of the supply source, we can tackle everything from biotechnological and pharmaceutical needs to the semiconductor and solar fabrication systems.


Having the right process system solves the entire problem. There’s no reason to solve only part of the problem with a stock unit. That’s like only running half the race.


Our unique capabilities at Therma allow us to design, fabricate, and build entire process systems from the ground up. Our collaborative efforts bring together teams that handle all steps of creation and production, allowing for complete quality control over the systems we design and manufacture. We don’t ask to change specs because a piece doesn’t exist, we fabricate that piece. We don’t ask you to shift your goals to match our abilities, we push our skills to meet your goal.

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Our team has a combined experience base spanning hundreds of years, with education and field experience combined to offer top solutions. A well-rounded background is necessary to make the right decisions to accomplish the project’s desired effect – so our teams bring experts from various disciplines together for insight from all angles.

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