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History Repeating

For 50 years, Therma has been the Bay Area’s premier mechanical solutions provider. We don’t plan on giving up that title anytime soon.

Shaping Your World

Our knowledge and vast capabilities allow us to tackle projects of all shapes and sizes, pursuing projects that other companies can’t take on.

Our Team, Our Advantage

We are a team of experts. All members of the Therma family have the training and experience to be key contributors in their respective fields.

A Unique Approach

At Therma, we are collaborators. We work with you through all stages of your project, no matter how small or large. We approach your project, not just to accomplish your immediate needs, but to ensure that even after we are finished, our quality shines through in the project for years to come. This unique approach is what makes Therma a valued company across the region.


Here at Therma, we know a once of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We are ready to assist you in emergency servicing around the clock, but more importantly, we seek to collaborate with clients on preventative maintenance schedules. Get the longest life out of your mechanical and plumbing systems.

Design Engineering & Estimating

The steps you take before breaking ground on your project determine the odds for success. Working with engineers and a design/build capable team allows you to have a massive impact on the cost, scope, and schedule of the project. Our team at Therma will help you avoid costly change orders and delays.


Not every piece of the puzzle that is your project can be pulled off shelves of stock. You need a team that can fabricate parts as needed, without delaying your project. Therma's state-of-the-art fabrication shop and advanced team of operators makes us the top fabricator of custom metalwork, plumbing, and mechanical pieces in the state.

Capital Projects

Physically putting all the pieces together for your project needs a well-equipped, well-trained team. With over 50 years of experience in both the HVAC and plumbing construction fields, Therma has completed some of the most important and complex projects in our tech-driven region.

Building Automation Systems

Centralizing the individual systems that make your building run, a robust Building Automation System is the key to an environmentally-friendly, efficient building. Our team of experts create unique systems to help you reduce operating costs, improve the life cycle of utilities, and increase operational efficiencies, for one building or an entire campus.

Process Systems and Industrial Controls

Therma Industrial Controls division offers its clients the combined benefits of fabricating custom equipment modules while providing the specialized services of automation and electrical engineering necessary for the unit's operation. Our operation team is made up of chemical engineers with extensive experience in biotechnology, petro-chemical, food and beverage, and semi-conductor processes. This combination of systems integration and mechanical engineer fabrication ensures the security of a sole supply source.

Where We Work



In the highly-controlled laboratory spaces, there is no room for error or contamination. Plumbing and HVAC systems need to provide pure air and water, and keep any outside effects from interfering. Our experience with some of the most advanced and complex firms on the West Coast have shown Therma to be the go-to contractor for these sensitive projects.


Research & Development


Providing a powerful yet controlled atmosphere in laboratory and testing facilities helps to eliminate variables and ensure repeatable, trusted outcomes. Therma designs state-of-the-art systems for state-of-the-art facilities that are developing technology to lead us forward.


Technology & Data Center


The information infrastructure of our country is as important as the physical infrastructure. And just as demanding. Our team has honed our skills building systems for some of the largest and most complex data centers that Silicon Valley has required.


Precision Manufacturing


Heavy-duty systems to handle the demands of the industrial buildings must be powerful and rugged, yet maintainable. At Therma, we design and implement high-volume systems that can keep up with the demands of your manufacturing needs.


Food & Beverage


From the boutique to the mass-processed, the public expects food and drink that is free from chemical and physical contamination. Therma’s systems have been implemented in consumables facilities across the region, to help manufactures and distributors ensure the public can trust what they supply.




With high demands for comfort and purity to aid the healing and wellness process, medical facilities require a team of engineers, fabricators, and builders who have honed their skills in developing some of the region’s most advanced hospitals and health centers.


Higher Education


Educational facilities need to inspire and encourage, providing comfort and usability to allow for the growth of tomorrow’s minds. Our experience in the education environment has made us the go-to mechanical and plumbing contractor for major colleges and universities in the region. With extensive energy-saving experience, we can outfit educational facilities for the green future.




Ensuring the comfort of the workers and the customer helps develop commercial and retail spaces that are welcoming and profitable. Therma’s team will create and install systems that ensure a great experience while being energy-efficient to reduce operational costs. 



The Company We Keep

Therma is dedicated to ensuring that the quality of every project is worthy of carrying the Therma name. This reputation for quality and focus helps us collaborate with clients throughout the Bay Area and Silicon Valley and beyond. By exceeding expectations, we continue to be a sought-after solutions provider for some of the biggest names in technology, education, and the sciences.


At Therma, safety is more than a priority; it’s a core value that has guided us for half a century. Our program is grounded on positively motivating safe actions and decisions by employees at all levels. We focus on worker behavior to minimize and prevent workplace accidents and incidents.

Our focus on safety begins when our employees first walk through our doors. They are trained and counseled on how to perform their jobs safely and efficiently, with great emphasis on personal responsibility. At Therma, education and training are the foundation that ensures the health and safety of our employees, our customers, the public, and the environment.

Get in touch

Learn how you can use our knowledge and expertise to your advantage. Reach out to us at any of our offices, or via email, to speak with our team and find out how we can collaborate with you on your next project.

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