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Innovation Solutions

Using our ability to customize complete systems and create pieces from whole materials, our fabrication capabilities put us a step ahead. Fabrication allows flexibility in design, combining form and function. From decorative metalwork to custom pipe configuration, in-house fabrication provides a new level of innovation.

An Expert Eye

At Therma, we bring together teams of welders, CNC operators, designers, and project managers, resulting in unparalleled quality that sets our projects apart. By collaborating with each other, and working with you the customer, we can create pieces that combine form, function and aesthetics.


Sheet Metal


Our 90,000-square-foot sheet metal shop is home to some of the most advanced fabrication technology in the region. Our team collaborates with you to develop specifications for sheet metal projects, then takes those designs and makes them a reality. From delicate design to demanding industrial use, our team will take on your ideas.



Requiring a creative vision combined with extreme specifications, specialty fabrication can only be tackle by shops with the highest capabilities and levels of expertise. From close-tolerance machining to complex pieces, our precision machinery and highly-trained staff combine to meet your highest standards.




Process Piping


High-purity process piping is integral to the performance of cleanroom fabrication facilities, facilities that are at the heart of Silicon Valley’s chip manufacturers and biopharmaceutical companies. With our own on-site cleanroom, we can fabricate process systems for dealing with chemical and solvent distribution, specialty gas process, and RO/DI water systems. With our familiarity working with a variety of materials, we create process systems that fit the specs you demand.


Plumbing Fabrication


In our 22,000-square-foot plumbing fabrication shop, we produce entire batteries of plumbing fixtures. By fabricating to the specification requirements in-house, we provide higher quality control while simultaneously saving money. The ability to pre-fabricate units at our shop can reduce our time on the construction site, allowing other tasks to move ahead and keeping your project on schedule.


Pipe & Weld Shop

Grooving, threading, cutting to length, putting together full piping assemblies – our 25,000-square-foot pipe fabrication shop and accompanying 10,000-square-foot pipe bend shop create intricate networks to meet the highest project demands. Equipped with the most modern equipment, our shop can tackle piping from small-diameter residential and commercial pieces up through massive industrial-sized pipes that move volumes.




Customize your project with architectural installations, custom-made in our fabrication shop. Louvers, dormers, gutters, and down spouts, and exterior skin systems are just some of the features we can design and produce in-house at our fabrication shop. The ability to create something that no-one else has allows us to give your project character and flair, matching your own.


The ability to fabricate what we need allows us to create one-of-a-kind projects, and build things that other companies can’t.


Our fabrication shop is equipped with the latest in CNC benders, lathe and mill, and industrial and tube lasers for flat stock, round tube, and angle metal. By utilizing modern equipment, and educating our team members to the latest processes and products, we can ensure that the fabrication process is efficient and exact. Having such a variety of equipment allows us to work with mediums that fit the project’s needs, from pre-finished metals to black iron, copper to galvanized and stainless steels.

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From our certified welders to our CNC operators, from our designers to our field installers, everyone comes together to provide input on our projects. Over five decades of company experience, as well as centuries of personal experience, mesh together to support customer-driven projects and ideas. With constant training on the latest machinery and the most modern processes, our team members are ready and able to tackle what the customer can think up.

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