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Military Facilities Management


Therma delivers reliable, effective and comprehensive mechanical maintenance for military facilities.


Military Buildings HVAC and Plumbing Solutions

Therma can implement comprehensive preventive maintenance plans to minimise the chance of unprecedented occurrences that may threaten the resilience of military buildings and facilities across California.

Servicing HVAC & plumbing systems is what Therma is built around— it’s how we got our start. Our company has over fifty years of history maintaining and fixing systems across the California region. From high-tech data centers to military bases, we are prepared to tackle systems from all industries. 

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Mechanical Engineer from Therma

What We Do


HVAC & Service


Duct leakage Testing


Test, Adjust and Balance (TAB)


Energy Services


Plumbing & Service, Water Related Systems



Who Do We Cater To?

Supporting Military Infrastructure

Our services cover a broad range of military infrastructure needs – from  estate planned, reactive maintenance and life cycle and project maintenance support, to data center management and military equipment repair.

We can implement and optimize  Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tools to manage utilities, finance, procurement and operational functions in order to provide customers simplified, accurate visibility and control of their data.

Our Promise

Our culture is our commitment to design building, installing and maintaining the best mechanical solutions, with the highest quality of customer service around.

Technology evolves and customer requirements change, but our promise remains a constant.

We were founded in 1967, never compromising quality or efficiency is what has got us to where we are today.

Our Preventive Maintenance Services