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Retail Facility Maintenance

Therma will increase the financial performance and efficiency of your equipment and systems whilst helping you to reduce your retail building’s or warehouses carbon footprint with our mechanical preventive maintenance services.

Retail Facility Maintenance Solutions

We have spent the last thirty years working alongside retailers, from national distribution centers to small independent shops. Our expertise means you can be confident you are in safe hands with respect to facility maintenance.

Our HVAC Specialists, Technical Engineers and Energy and Plumbing Specialists are constantly innovating to comprehensive, efficient solutions for retail facilities across California. Improved and uninterrupted operational business trading means you can focus on the important stuff such as increasing footfall and sales.

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Energy Efficiency Solutions for Retail & Warehouses

The largest controllable operating cost for a retail building is its energy consumption.

Therma assists mall complexes and retailer owners in reducing their energy consumption through implementing a monitoring system. It will highlight how much energy your building needs vs how much is being used, once this information is consistently tracked we can help you implement cost cutting equipment and processes into your business operations.

Our experts begin by determining the health of your building through a three step process:

Step one is to determine your HVAC efficiency and energy footprint via a survey, this is then benchmarked against comparable buildings to ascertain your starting point.

Next, an on-site evaluation is undertaken with analysis of floor plans to complete a technical review of the building. We look at your energy bills, monitor indoor temperatures, humidity and carbon dioxide levels, then finally inspect lighting and identified sources of heat loss.

Finally we continue an ongoing analysis of the health of your building to improve your benchmarks. Continual improvement, reduced costs and a lowered carbon footprint are the promises we deliver to each and every client.

Our Preventive Maintenance Services