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Semiconductor Plant Maintenance

Downtime caused by building systems failure is costly to production, however the risk of this can be mitigated through Therma’s mechanical preventative maintenance services.

Facilitating Your Success Through Robust Maintenance

Test, Adjust and Balance Services

We know that you have to maintain a certain level of filtration and specific pressure cascades based on your process and product yields. Our skilled TAB technicians use the latest innovations and technology to accurately measure moisture, particulates and pressure to ensure that your environment is exactly as it should be.

Therma believes the best way to solve any problem is to prepare ahead of time and prevent the problem from ever arising. We help you adopt a proactive approach to semiconductor plant maintenance through balancing your tools and optimizing process and work spaces.

Prefab Service and Capabilities

Therma was the first mechanical contractor in Silicon Valley to build a full-size, dedicated cleanroom fabrication facility. Our technology driven mindset has enabled us to consistently craft mechanical systems that cannot be matched by our competitors. This is delivered at pace without any compromise on quality.

Our cleanroom has fusion machines for fabricating high purity plastics and a series of orbital welders to quickly burn out one lean weld after another. The size of our pipe is only limited by the size of our flatbed delivery trucks. 

We have custom modified, four orbital, welding machines specifically for the task of making flanges up to 6” OD for the rapid fabrication and installation of your vacuums.

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Our History in Semiconductor Plant Mechanical Solutions

Your fabrication facilities can run smoothly around the clock, all year round with the right engineering, design, execution and maintenance program.

We have deep history in the Bay Area’s high tech history. Specialized fabrication facilities, techniques and custom tools – Therma have been on the forefront of the Semiconductor industry for over three decades.

Our Promise

Our culture is our commitment to design building, installing and maintaining the best mechanical systems around, with the highest quality of customer service around.

Technology evolves and customer requirements change, but our promise remains a constant.

We founded in 1967, never compromising quality or efficiency is what has got us to where we are today.

Our Preventive Maintenance Services