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Operate at peak efficiency

Having cutting-edge systems in place in your building is a great start, but you need to follow that up with unparalleled service in order to get the best performance and the longest life out of your systems. You need experts who are available at all hours, ready to respond, and who provide unmatched communication and performance. Keeping your systems running is what keeps your company running.

It’s What We Do

Servicing HVAC and plumbing systems, and testing and adjusting specialized industrial systems, is what Therma is built around. It’s how we got our start, and it is what is at the core of our business today. Our company has over fifty years of history maintaining and fixing systems across the region. From high-tech data centers to food processing and manufacturing plants, we are prepared to tackle systems from all industries.


Test, Adjust, Balance


Ensuring that your environmental systems are operating efficiently is the key to a well-run building. Our TAB team is made up of NEBB, TABB, and NSF-certified technicians who can evaluate duct leakage, fire and smoke control systems, and can address unique systems including laboratory fume hoods and biological safety cabinets.


Energy Services


Responsible, environmentally-friendly construction is not just the future – it’s the present. With LEED-accredited engineers, experience with energy-saving process systems and building automation systems, and the ability to fabricate specialized parts and services, Therma looks to make every project a modern, energy-efficient building.


HVAC Services

 Accurate diagnosis and fast, precise repair is the hallmark of our service teams at Therma. Your mechanical infrastructure is critical to the performance of your building – both people and processes can be affected by failed climate control, bringing your building to a halt. Our technicians tackle your issues to get your building back to peak performance, quickly and reliably.


Plumbing Services

 For five decades, the plumbing industry has been one of Therma’s specialties. From scheduled preventive maintenance to emergency response, our teams are prepared to tackle your plumbing problems. From leak detection and repair, to video inspection of sewer and storm lines, we find and fix blockages, overflows, and other failures.


Preventative maintenance helps keep your building on-line and your systems efficient, but when breakdowns happen, it’s crucial to have a company that will respond as fast as possible.


We stay on top of our industry by staying at the forefront of the technology. Employing mobile communications and equipping our team with the latest in equipment and knowledge means our technicians are prepared to tackle even the most modern systems. Tablet communication means that you will have documentation, quotes, and work orders provided to you by those who are on site and are looking directly at the issues you are facing.

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Capital Projects

Process Systems & Controls

Building Automation Systems


Our service technicians get plenty of training in the classroom and in the field and build on it over time with hands-on, supervised response. With over two million hours of field experience and technical support behind them, they are veterans of the industry. Our team will be communicative and will strive for the best solutions in preventative maintenance and reactive service.

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